Welcome to the guides page!

What are the guides?

The CrispyMiners Guides serve as your one stop shop for all CrispyMiners information! Wanna know every command on the server? This is where you'll find 'em all! Wanna know who Dicky was? His store lies here. Have you ever wondered why we have so many goddamn advancements? Well this is the place to find out.

How to use the guides

Dont be frightened by the massive walls of text! Our guides are simple to navigate and simple to use! Theres's three main component to every guide page. On the left hand side of your screen is the overall guide navigation featuring links to each and every guide page. On the right hand side of your screen is the "Jump To" bar for the specific page you're currently on. This allow you to jump to a specific section of the guide in case you're only looking for one piece of information and don't care for all that other jazz. Finally, and most importantly, is the wall of content in the middle of the page. This is all the information you could ever need or want on the given topic. Sometimes there might even be a picture or video to really drive the point home! With that, have fun exploring and we hope you find the information you're after.

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